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Post-Divorce Modifications: An Overview

If your circumstances have changed regarding your family or your financial situation, it may be possible to modify your agreements made pursuant to your divorce. The Hibler Law Firm has helped clients throughout Texas modify their divorce decrees and custody agreements. She is committed to not only providing strong representation but also helping people make decisions that will positively affect their life.

What Constitutes A Modification?

Understandably, when things change, people don’t know what their options are. If your spouse has a pay increase or you have lost your job, it may be possible for you to modify how much child support or alimony you are either paying or receiving. There are certain issues that must be dealt with in order to properly determine whether a modification can take place. These changes can be made due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • A significant change in circumstances
  • Denial of visitation
  • A parent moves to another state
  • Domestic abuse

Attorney Patricia Hibler will answer any questions you have regarding your post-divorce modifications and make sure that you know all of your options. The Hibler Law Firm will thoroughly investigate the matter to ensure that your rights are being protected. She will also assist you in modifying property settlement agreements or other divorce-related documents.

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