Rebuilding Families

Helping Parents Receive Legal Rights

The birth of a child is one of the happiest times in any parent’s life. However, when a child is unplanned or arrives in the midst of disagreements between unmarried parents, the excitement is often dampened and can lead to many problems. If you are fighting to receive your rights as a father, or if you are a mother looking to establish the identity of a father, The Hibler Law Firm can help. We have worked with clients throughout Texas.

Balancing Parental Rights and Responsibilities

In order for a father to have parenting rights to his child, paternity must be established. Once paternity is proven, fathers are allowed parenting rights to their children. This includes child custody and visitation arrangements. This is done in various ways. The alleged father can either voluntarily submit a paternity test or the court can order one. For everyone involved, it is important that this gets completed.

In addition to the joy of spending time with a child, there are also responsibilities to being a parent. Once paternity is established, fathers are expected to help financially. Child support is used to cover expenses such as health insurance, food, clothing and daily living expenses. By making time to spend with their children and financially supporting them, a father is showing the court system that they deserve more rights as a parent. This is incredibly important moving forward. If you do not take the necessary steps, it can be held against you.

What About Adoption?

While some families moving through the legal system are experiencing tense times, other people are excited about building their family. Adoptions, especially stepparent adoption, often helps legally solidify a family that is already enjoying life together. Occasionally, a biological father or mother cannot be located, has passed away or is no longer supporting the child. The Hibler Law Firm can assist will all aspects of stepparent or private adoptions, including a name change for the child, if necessary.

Call Today; Don’t Wait

Paternity issues can lead to many uncertainties and obligations, and Ms. Hibler’s goal is to help prepare fathers and mothers for their new future as a parent. With over 37 years of experience, she understands the frustrations and struggles that parents face as they work through the legal system. Contact the firm online or call 713-581-8297 to schedule your appointment and discuss your options.