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Houston Parental Relocation Lawyer

When one parent relocates to a new city or state, new problems arise regarding child custody and visitation. Many times, the newly added distance between parent and child, as well as added time apart, can deteriorate the parent-child relationship.

At the Houston-based The Hibler Law Firm, attorney Patricia Hibler represents parents on both sides of the equation — those moving away and those staying behind. Together, we revise support and visitation plans to ensure the parent-child relationship is kept intact.

Pasadena, Texas, Interstate Custody Attorney

For more than 37 years, Ms. Hibler has been helping families throughout Texas develop parenting plans that facilitate the parent-child relationship.

Whether you want to prevent your child’s other parent from moving away with your child, create unique visitation plans that encourage parent-child interaction or enforce out-of-state parental support obligations, she can help.

Many times, it is visitation rights that are most impacted by one parent’s move. As an experienced family law lawyer, Ms. Hibler can help you develop a creative parenting plan that encourages the parent-child relationship.

Options such as virtual visitation — using tools like instant messaging, live-time video conferencing and email — help maintain relationships between parent and child no matter where each is physically located.

Houston Parental Relocation Attorney Enforcing Child Support Across State Lines

The relocation of one parent out of Texas is not grounds for terminating child support. Even if a parent relocates outside of Texas, he or she still has an obligation to support the child.

Attorney Hibler has experience collecting child support from out-of-state parents. Together, you and The Hibler Law Firm will work to make sure your child gets the support her or she needs.

For a unique, personalized parenting plan that encourages your child’s relationship with both parents, call 713-581-8297 or contact the firm online today.