Rebuilding Families

Helping Preserve The Best Interests Of Children

Few people would argue that they want something other than what is best for their children. Unfortunately, due to the subjective nature of parenting, determining what is best for a child can be difficult. In Texas, the presumption is that a child’s biological parents are the best choice to raise the children. That assumption is not always correct, however, and gaining custody of a child who is not biologically yours can be a difficult legal journey.

Attorney Patricia Hibler, from The Hibler Law Firm, has helped clients throughout the greater Houston, Texas, area receive custody of the children they love. The focus of the firm is to give people the counsel they need to reach their goals. Ms. Hibler is committed not only to providing strong family law representation but also to helping people make decisions that will positively affect their lives in the short and long run.

Will We Get Custody?

When clients contact attorney Patricia Hibler, one of the first questions people ask is, “Will we be able to get custody?” Although she wishes there was a straightforward or simple answer, there is not. Whether or not nonparent custody will be awarded is dependent on your situation and numerous factors, such as:

  • Is child protective services (CPS) involved?
  • Has the child been removed from their parents’ home?
  • Is there a need for a third-party parent to step in for placement?

Patricia Hibler has been through this process herself, and she understands what an emotional and question-filled time this is. When clients contact her, she takes the time to understand their entire situation and the circumstances surrounding their relationship with the child.

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