Rebuilding Families

Making The Necessary Changes With The Help Of An Attorney

Common life events – such as the marriage or divorce of one parent, a career change or the permanent disability of a parent – call for modifications in child support. The Houston-based law firm of The Hibler Law Firm has been helping parents throughout Texas modify yesterday’s child custody and support orders to reflect today’s support and custody needs.

When Does It Become Necessary?

At The Hibler Law Firm, family law attorney Patricia Hibler helps parents – whether in agreement as to the modification or disagreement over their rights and obligations – modify existing child support orders. Some of the most common reasons to make a change include:

  • Changes in financial circumstances, such as a lost job. Income is used to calculate the amount of support owed each month – a reduction in that income will cause a reduction in child support obligations.
  • Changes in custody. If you have recently acquired more physical custody time with your child, you may be eligible for a support modification reducing the amount of support you are obligated to pay your child’s other parent.

Due to changes in financial and custodial arrangements, parents may wish to alter their child support obligations. Because child support agreements need approval by judges, they are considered court orders; modifications to these agreements also need court approval.

Don’t Wait; Call Now

As a family law lawyer, Ms. Hibler has been helping clients modify their custody and support orders for more than 37 years. She knows which life events call for changes to custody and support, as well as the types of modifications judges will approve and those they will not. Call 713-581-8297 to speak to a Houston-based family law attorney or contact the firm online.