Houston Family Law Attorney

As a Houston family law attorney, I help families throughout Texas with all of their family law needs. Whether you need help navigating the divorce process, establishing initial support and custody determinations or modifying those orders when circumstances change, I can help.

Pasadena, Texas, Child Custody Attorney Providing Comprehensive Family Law Counsel

I run a comprehensive family law practice. As a full-service lawyer, I help clients resolve conflict in all areas of family law, including:

  • Child support and alimony I help clients achieve fair child and spousal support determinations that are based on the financial circumstances of each person involved.
  • Modification of child support and custody orders I help people modify yesterday's child support and custody orders so they reflect the reality of today's life.
  • Post-divorce alimony modifications I help clients modify property settlements and recalculate spousal support payments based on current financial circumstances.
  • Enforcement of child support My firm helps parents get the support they need for their child by forcing a parent to make his or her court-ordered child support payments.
  • Parental relocation and interstate custody Whether you or the parent of your child relocates within the state of Texas or moves across state borders, I can help you rework your custody and support arrangements to avoid future disagreements and ensure your child maintains relationships with both parents.
  • Non-parent custody Sometimes children's interests are best served by being in the custody of a non-parent. When that is the case, I help non-parents obtain custodial rights.
  • Paternity I help both men and women establish and dispute paternity.

Adoption Lawyer Helping All Families Come Together

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is helping families come together. I assist in both private and agency adoptions, as well as adoptions by stepparents.

Texans are becoming more open to same-sex adoption. I help GLBT families provide children with two loving parents by facilitating the adoption of one partner's biological or adopted child by the other.

Contact my firm, The Law Offices of Patricia Hibler, at 713-581-8297 for help resolving your toughest family legal problem.