We Can Help Resolve Your Family Law Dispute

Many people look to family to provide stability and support. Family disputes and changes to the family unit can undermine those feelings, causing stress and uncertainty to take over.

At The Law Offices of Patricia Hibler, I am a Houston divorce lawyer who helps families throughout Texas resolve disputes and rebuild family units in a calm, efficient and effective manner.

Creative Solutions For Families Throughout Texas

I have been practicing law in Houston for more than 25 years. During my time as an attorney, I have helped families throughout Texas overcome their toughest family law challenges.

My many years of experience in Texas family law directly benefit my clients. I understand the nuances of the Texas family law system and know how to efficiently and effectively navigate family law courts. Because I have so many years of experience, I am able to develop creative legal solutions to resolve my clients' current disputes and achieve long-term resolutions that fit into their unique family structure.